Missions We Support

American Rehabilitation Ministry (ARM)

Located in Joplin, MO., their primary mission is to bring the good news of salvation to those in prison.

ARM began ministering to prisoners in the United States in 1973 when there were only 234,000 people in the nation’s prison population. Today, ARM ministers to more than 1.2 million people who are incarcerated in America’s 1,500 state and federal prisons, and another half-million inmates in the nation’s 3,200 jails.

Carolina Christian College (Winston-Salem)

Their mission is to provide biblically based academic programs that prepare men and women of all races for ministry and community service with a focus on the African-American community.

CCC is a special purpose, undergraduate institution. They educates those in Christian ministries through a program of Biblical and theological studies, general education in the arts and sciences, and professional studies. Emphasis is placed upon cultural awareness and leadership that will prepare workers to establish and serve the church in the United States and around the world.

Christian Campus Fellowship (Florida State)

Is a family of college students from a variety of backgrounds that desires to grow in devotion to Christ and to further the reach of the Gospel at Florida State University.

Their mission statement is “Devoted to Christ, Devoted to Campus” which means that they seek to live their lives with the same heart and passion as Jesus Christ would if He were a student at FSU.

Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College

Is a graduate seminary located near Johnson City, Tennessee, in the heart of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains. Established in 1965, the school seeks to fulfill the mission of the Church by preparing men and women for effective ministry.

At Emmanuel, their committed to the lordship of Jesus Christ, the authority of Scripture, and the vision of Christian unity. Their graduates go on to work in a variety of ministries, including preaching, pastoral care, Christian education, campus ministry, hospital and military chaplaincy, and cross-cultural missions.

Family Ministries of Florida

Since 1976 they have been serving and building relationships with families throughout Florida and beyond. Children who cannot live with their families for one reason or another attend their residential program.

Children who learn a good work ethic at a young age benefit in more than just their future career. Family Ministries’ believes in playing just as hard as working, if it’s sports or a camping trip, they are always up to something. They teach all children about the necessity of prayer and a relationship with God.

Johnson University Florida

Originally founded in 1975 as Central Florida Bible College, the College was renamed Florida Christian College in 1985 after a new campus was constructed. In July of 2013, Florida Christian College merged with Johnson University.

The School is focused on equipping individuals for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations to extend the kingdom of God. Located just outside Orlando, Johnson University Florida maintains a close-knit family environment and high academic standards across a range of bachelor’s programs.

HASTEN International

HASTEN International is a mission of the Churches of Christ – Christian Churches that brings physical and spiritual healing to third world nations. Currently they are involved in projects in Zimbabwe, India,  Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

They feel medical evangelism is the best way in the world to put Christian ideals into action: You see with your eyes, touch with your hands, and feel with your heart the love Christ had for people when he helped them.

International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)

IDES is a Christian non-profit organization that connects those who are hurting worldwide to those who have a heart of compassion. Since 1973, they have partnered with local churches in the U.S. and mission workers in more than 115 countries during times of crisis.

​They strive to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

UF Christian Campus House

They are a non-denominational Christian Church college student Ministry in Gainesville, Florida. In January of 1977, Christian Campus House started in a living room to a small group of college students for a Bible study. Currently their ministry has property just north of the Ben Hill Griffin stadium.

UFCCH is all about family, making disciples and impacting the world! Their ministry provides opportunities for Christian fellowship, service, worship and study. International students at UF can join their bi-weekly Conversation English ministry.